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Administrative Division

The Administrative Division is headed by the Chief of Police, and consists of four positions: Chief of Police, Captain, Records Specialist and an Administrative Officer. The Administrative Division is responsible for the overall operations of the Police Department.

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division consists of two Patrol Lieutenants, eight full-time sworn Patrol Officers, two full-time sworn School Resource Officers and one civilian Animal Control Officer. These officers serve and protect the general public and the citizens of the Town of Madison by answering calls for police service as first responders, taking reports of crimes and complaints and by conducting follow up investigations, that often results in the arrest and/or detaining suspects of criminal activity. The Patrol Division performs community and business security checks and provides security at events where crowds and/or traffic control is necessary. The Patrol Division enforces all motor vehicle laws both state and local. This is accomplished by speed and DWI enforcement, traffic crash investigation and enforcement of local ordinances. Among the many services provided to the public by the Patrol Division are security checks, bank and funeral escorts.

 Criminal Investigative Division

The Criminal Investigative Division consists of two full-time sworn Investigators. This division is responsible for receiving and documenting reports of criminal activity from the Patrol Division and the general public. Through investigations, interviews and interrogation, search and seizure, investigators solve crimes and build cases against suspects. They also conduct drug investigations working with other county, state and federal agencies and agents.


The Records Specialist records data from reports filed by the Patrol and Investigative Divisions. It is the Records Specialists duty to assist officers and the general public in retrieving this data whenever needed or requested.

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